Terms & Conditions

The content of these general terms and conditions shall govern all contracts concluded between the buyer and the seller concerning the Internet site www.caffenapolisrl.it.
A contract is subject to the version of the terms and conditions applicable at the time the contract is concluded.

Any condition on the part of the buyer which contradicts or deviates from these terms and conditions shall not form part of the contract unless expressly agreed to in writing by the seller.


All product information provided on www.caffenapolisrl.it, such as technical specifications, images, dimensions or compatibility details are not binding and are subject to change at any time, unless expressly identified as binding.

The offers on www.caffenapolisrl.it are not binding, unlike the order placed by the buyer and the respective goods contained in the cart. The receipt of the order is confirmed by the seller with an e-mail only after verifying the actual correspondence of the same with the goods available in stock.
We reserve the right to cancel the order in particular cases such as: goods gone out of production, stock errors, sudden unavailability of the product, typing errors prices, and to contact the buyer to offer alternatives or cancel the order itself. This normally happens within 5 days (working) from the sending by the buyer. Finally the order is finally accepted with consequent confirmation of shipment by e-mail to the customer.


The order process consists of four (4) successive steps. Once the choice has been made and the cart has been validated, the Customers will have to :

  • Identify
  • Choose delivery mode
  • Accept the General Conditions of Sale by ticking the appropriate box on the order summary page
  • Choose the payment method

Once the payment method has been selected, Customers will have to proceed with the balance of the order, which will formalize in a firm and definitive way the sales contract that binds them to Caffè Napoli.


Product availability is indicated in the Caffè Napoli online catalog at the side of each product. The delivery times indicated are not binding, unless otherwise stated in a separate agreement. However, the seller shall use its best efforts to meet these times.
Upon receipt of the goods, the buyer must immediately check that the delivery is complete and correct and inform the seller of any problems within the day after delivery.


The goods will be delivered at the address chosen and indicated on our website at the time of the order and can be paid for conveniently at the time of withdrawal of the goods (Cash on delivery only available for Italy) or in advance by Paypal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer in Advance.

Cash on delivery has an additional cost of 2,50 €, for amounts up to 250,00 €, higher than the latter, has an increase of 1.4% of the total amount of the order.  The courier accepts only cash, it is not possible to pay with debit or credit card on delivery.

The shipment will be handled by the courier Liccardi that makes the deliveries from Monday to Friday. The estimated delivery time is 24/48 hours for most of the Italian localities. The islands and some localities of south Italy need 48/72 hours for delivery.

The shipping cost is 7,00 € up to 30,00 € of expenditure; of euro 4,50 € for orders over  30,00 € and FREE higher than 50,00 €.


Orders placed on www.caffenapolisrl.it can be paid by bank transfer in advance, PayPal, Credit Card or cash on delivery. Further information can be found on the page Payment Methods.


How to Cancel an Order

If you have placed an order online through our website, you can cancel it independently by sending an email to info@caffenapolisrl.it indicating the order number.

If the payment has already been made, we will very quickly repay the full amount paid.  .

  • If it was made through PayPal and has not already been shipped, the full amount will be refunded.
  • If payment has been made by Credit Card or Bank Transfer Anticipated, we will refund in the same way retaining only the bank charges if any if the order has not already been shipped.

If the goods have already been shipped, the withdrawal or cancellation becomes a return and therefore it is advisable to read the part immediately below about the Goods Returns.



Return and Order Withdrawal         

According to Decree D.Lgs. 206/2005 you can make use of this decree for the return of goods and right of withdrawal within 14 days from the time of receipt of goods.

The return of goods is only possible if the goods have not been tampered with, opened or used.

If the original packaging has been compromised even minimally the return will not be possible and we will not be able to refund the customer.

A food product if tampered with or opened even in the smallest part is no longer resalable and therefore no longer refundable by the company that leaves 14 days to return the goods purchased by mistake.

The return where possible includes the price of the goods excluding from that amount a contribution for shipping costs from the warehouse to the customer.

The refund of the ordered goods will take place within 14 days from the return of the same that must be packaged carefully and be sent to the address:

Via Domenico Padula 89 – 80126, Napoli (NA) Italia.


Shipping costs from the customer to the company are charged to the customer and must be handled with traceable shipment so that in case of delivery problems of any kind will be responsible for the courier and not one of the two parties involved (customer, company). The goods remain the property of the customer as its responsibility until it is withdrawn from our warehouse.

Please follow the instructions below to properly process your return:

  • Render the DDT (delivery note) if you are not in possession of the invoice. The DDT is a fundamental part to allow the return or exchange of products;
  • Have the original packaging in excellent condition;
  • Notify the company of the merchandise return decision;
  • Please wait for confirmation from the company before sending the goods, otherwise they will not be collected.
  • If the return of goods will be authorized, proceed with the sending of the goods to the address that will be communicated, using tracked shipments.
  • Wait for communication from the company for reimbursement;




To make sure you proceed in the most correct way communicate first to the company the intentions and ask for support for the operation.

Unfortunately it can happen that in phase of transport the goods during its permanence in the warehouses of the courier or during the tragitta comes compromised, it is therefore advisable to withdraw the goods specifying to the courier that it is taken advantage of the "reserve of verification" from the customer after the opening in order to avoid whichever problem and in order to have an ulterior guarantee to be reimbursed totally from the company. Fundamental this passage for the reimbursement of the goods compromised in phase of transport.



Wrong Goods Purchase

Applies as above the possibility of return and refund only if the original packaging of the product is not tampered with, even in this case the shipping costs for the return and the contribution of shipping from the warehouse to the recipient will still be retained.

Return the DDT if you do not have the invoice. The DDT is a fundamental part to allow the return or exchange of products.