pods and capsules was born from the idea of three young Neapolitan entrepreneurs who have transformed their passion for the world of coffee and what it represents in terms of history, art and tradition of the Parthenopean city into an artisan roasting company. 

In pods and capsules we choose, select and purchase finest grains, from the best plantations in Central America, South America, Asia and Africa. The goodness of the final product it is not only about excellence grains, but also by the manufacturing process, so we set high standards of quality during every coffee processing stage. 



We want to bring to all countries of the world a coffee with an unmistakable taste and at the same time in perfect harmony with the environment, in the best tradition of artisan production. 


All of us in the Caffè Napoli team are the first consumers of our coffee, because we know its value and we love its quality and goodness, for this reason we are sure not to disappoint you!